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The That Phoum Pouk (Phoum Pouk Stupa)
The stupa is located near Nam Ngaen village on a hill in the northeast part of the Namtha Valley. The original stupa was constructed in 1628 to demarcate neutral territory between the Kingdoms of Lane Xang (centered in Luang Prabang) and Lane Na (centered in Chiang Mai). In 1966 the old stupa was destroyed when an American plane dropped a bomb on it. The new monument seen besides the older, ruined stupa was constructed in 2003.
Luang Namtha Museum        
The provincial museum has a variety of artifacts made by Luang Namtha's multi-ethnic people. Of particular interest is the extensive collection of indigenous clothing as well as many agricultural tools and household implements used in daily life. The museum has an excellent collection of Buddha images, bronze drums, ceramics and textiles. Also of interest are the traditional hand-made weapons on display that were once used for hunting and national defense.
Nam Dee Watefall
About 6 kilometers northeast of the town centre, the Lao Huay (Lenten) village of Ban Nam Dee (Good water) is a good place to observe the progress of bamboo papermaking. Behind the village you will see the entrance to the Nam Dee Waterfall. The area around the waterfall offers good facilities, like a small handicraft shop managed by the villagers; toilets and a house for picnics, etc.
The traditional house in Ban Vieng Neua
Ban Vieng Neua (Tai Kalom) is located about 3 kilometers from the town center, close to the airport. The house is build according to the traditional style of the Kalom people (Kalom, also known as Tai Yuan), although some modern toilet facilities have been added. The house can be used by the local villagers for meetings, wedding ceremonies and other events. It also serves as a tourist attraction, where local and international tour companies are able to show tourist the traditional customs and food of the Lao people. The villagers in Ban Vieng Neua are very proud to keep their traditional customs and welcome tourists to see it. They are able to offer a range of services, ranging from baci ceremonies, dance performances, lunch or dinner and cooking classes. These services can be booked by tourist through the Tourism Information Office in Luang Namtha Town, or by any tour company in Laos.
The handicraft village Ban Pieng Ngam and the distillery village Ban Nam Ngaen
The handicraft village Ban Pieng Ngam and the distillery village Ban Nam Ngaen have two ethnic groups, the Thai Deang and the Thai Kao. The villages are famous for their many different handicrafts. A small lodge built by the Nam Ha Ecotourism Project, offers accommodation for anybody who is interested to experience the rural Lao lifestyle. Not far, within walking distance from Ban Pieng Ngam is the Lao Lao distillery village Ban Nam Ngaen, where people can see the process of making the famous Lao rice whiskey. You can go by bicycle following the map in this guide book.
The Center Night Market
The newly renovated night market is located in the centre of Luang Namtha town, where local villagers from many different ethnic minorities offer their unique handicrafts for sale. The night market opens every evening and is a good place for eating typical Lao dishes or occasionally, watching dance or music performances.
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