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Phou Den Din NBCA
The large and very remote Phou Den Din NBCA is accessible most easily by small boat up the Nam Ou river. This trip is only for the most adventurous: you must be well prepared, take food, light camping equipment and a guide which can be arranged from Phongsaly Town. You are in the remotest part of Southeast Asia, in the most undisturbed areas of forest.
The Nam Lan Conservation Area (NLCA)
Covers 22,000 hectars of mostly densely forested, very steep terrain, at between 600 meters and 1,850 meters elevation. Picturesque villages, mostly growing lowland irrigated paddy flank part of the northern and eastern boundaries of the area. Ecotourism lodges are being set up in five of these villages. The attractive little town of Boun Tai is a good base for visiting the NLCA.
Good Base for Trekking
Easy trekking along the ridge lines to the Northeast and Southeast, or more vigourous treks along the Jurassic escarpment (about 30km to the west of Phongsaly on the Boun Neua Road), or along the foot of the escarpment (km 37, take off to the south through forest and paddy fields on the new Nam Boun Kao Trail).
Ou River
Ou River, situated between Phongsaly downstream to Pak Ou in Luang Prabang, has wonderful scenery on both sides of the river. Nong Khiaw is also a beautiful stopover along the way, good for camping on the sandy beach of the river.
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