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Mekong River Bank
Mekong River Bank will give you a great view of local life. From the fishermen bringing in the daily catch, to market gardens and local restaurants selling a wide variety of foods and drinks, there are plenty of things to see. With Thailand just across the river a stroll along the Mekong banks, especially around sunset.
Located in Kaisone Phomvihanh Town
Dong Ling (Monkey Forest)
This is a sacred forest located in Ban Dong Muong - covering more than 3 hectares. It is a monkey kingdom! The monkeys can be divided into three groups. The first group are used to humans and might even ask for food from people passing by The second group usually stays in the spirit houses, while the third group generally gets.....

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Bung Va (Va Lake)
This is the largest lake lying in the outskirts of the Savannakhet city. Along the lake shore, several restaurants have opened up and some provide gazebos (small covered platforms) where you can enjoy lunch or a cold beer Lao while enjoying beautiful scenery or even rent pedalos to get out onto the lake. The lake is a perfect stop before.....

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Nong Tao (Turtle Lake)
This lake was originally constructed for rice paddy irrigation and is now home to beautiful lotus blooms, bathing water buffalos, migratory birds and local people working in the paddy fields. Unfortunately, the lake no longer contains turtles though.....

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Nong Papha 
This is a natural lake in Ban Done Deng (Done Deng Village). It is believed that ghosts in the spiritual house protect the turtles in the lake. There are many turtles of different sizes and ages living in the lake and they can easily be seen. Local residents also sell food that you can feed the turtles with. Also locally made turtle-shaped key holders.....

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Nong Lom Lake
Dong Natad Provincial Protected Area extends to 8,300 hectares. In the centre of the forest, there is a beautiful lake called Nong Lom where you can observe wild birds like teal, butterflies and rare plants. Parking spaces are provided at the entrance to the forest along the road to That Ing Hang.....

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Fay Soui (Irrigation)
This is a large irrigation lake used in the dry season to enable additional rice cultivation, as well as the growing of vegetables and other food plants. Since its dam is stair-shaped, it resembles a small waterfall when the rainy season starts. There are many islands in the lake and it is rich in beautiful lotus blooms, fish, animals and migratory.....

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Dinosaur Footprints
The “Kaeng Luang” Rapids are a branch of the Mekong River and lie just a few hundred metres from Phalanxay town. During the dry season you can see more than 10 dinosaur footprints that have been preserved in the rock that makes up the riverbed. Phalanxay town is about 100 kilometers from Savannakhet City along Route No. 9.
Located Along Route No.9
Tad Hai Bridge
Over the Xe Bang Hieng (Bang Hieng River), the bridge was built in 1942. It was designed by Mr. Souphanouvong who became the first President of Lao PDR in 1975. It was destroyed by the American bombing in 1967. You can still see the huge broken bridge lying on the riverbed. From Phin District, go south on the Route 23 for about 30 kilometers.
Located Along Route No.9
Kaeng Sammataek (Sammataek Rapids)
These beautiful rapids on the Xe Bang Hieng are a popular recreation ground in dry season. Along the riverside, you can see many craters left from the air bombardment by the Americans during the Indochina war.
Located Along Route No.9
Kaeng Kong Phanang (Kong Phanang Rapid)
This is one of the natural wonders of the Mekong River featuring huge stones and natural caves. A walking path is provided for visitors during the dry season. From Savannakhet City, take Route 13 south about 70 kilometers, turn right at Ban Pakxong, and continue for another 25 kilometers. The site is located 500m from the road by the Mekong River.
Located Along Route No.13