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That Ing Hang (Ing Hang Stupa)
This is a sacred stupa and reportedly the burial site for one of Buddha’s bones. It is an important place for Buddhists and is registered as a National Treasure of Lao PDR. It was built about 450 years ago by the King Marukhanakhone to commemorate the Buddha's visit to the site in the past. Buddha is believed to have delivered a sermon to people at the site and later took a rest under the “Hang” tree. This is the reason why the stupa is called That Ing Hang. The annual festival is held every November (Exact date varies according to the lunar calendar, see event and festival page). That Ing Hang is located in Ban That (That village). The easiest way to get there is to head out along Route 9 for about 12km and turn lelt at the police stand, and then drive straight for about another 3km and you will come directly to That Ing Hang. There is a slightly shorter way along back-roads and this is sign-posted from the outskirts of Savannakhet.
Note: Women are required to wear a traditional Sin (Lao Skirt) in order to enter the site. These are available next to the entrance. You need to pay for an entry fee.
Open daily from 8:00am - 6:00pm, Located in Kaysone Phomvihanh District
Dong Phou Vieng National Protected Area
The area covers more than 1,970 sq. km. This National Protected Area features plenty of greenery and wild life. 31 villages of ethnic minorities are located in the area. It is a perfect ecotourism site as well as a biodiversity preserve. Trekking and home stays in the villages can be arranged during the dry season. The area is located about 5km from Phine city.
Located along Route No. 9.
Hortay Pidok (Ancient Buddhist Scripts Library)
This is an impressive old structure originally built in the 17th century. It is the most important repository of palm leaf books written in Burmese Pali, Khmer and ancient Lao alphabets in Laos. There are currently 4,000 books containing 361 different stories. The books are maintained in good condition by monks and novices, as well as the local people. Located in Ban Nonglam Chanh, from Savannakhet city you need to take Route 11 to the east for about 55km. Once you reach the town of Ban Kengkok, continue east for another 7km to Ban Taleo before turning left and heading north for another 16km.
The library is open daily from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Located in Champhone District
Heun Hin (Stone House)
Heun Hin literally means "Stone House" and is believed to have been one of the 121 rest houses constructed by King Jayavarman VII (1181-1218) along the roads which once connected every corner of the Khmer Empire. Therefore, it shares similar characteristics with Wat Phou in Champasack and Phimai Temple in Thailand. An annual festival is held in the full moon night in April. From Savannakhet city take Route 9B south to Ban Lak 35 and continue a further 3km before turning right. After 10km you will reach Xaiphoutoung town, turn left and get along the Mekong River bank about 16km then you will reach to the house.
Open daily from 8:00am - 4:00PM, Located along Route No. 13