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Konglor Cave Konglor Cave
This amazing 7.5 km-long limestone cave was formed by the Hinboun River which still flows through the cave year-round. You can take a boat ride right through the main cave, which is up to 90 meters wide and 100 meters high. The Konglor Cave can be reached via a 40 km overland trip from Ban Khoun Kham (the Gateway to Konglor) or.....

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Buddha Cave (Tham Pha Fa Cave) Buddha Cave (Tham Pha Fa Cave)
Tham Pa Fa Cave, located near Na Khang Xang Village in Thakhaek District, recently came into the news following the discovery of 229 Buddha statues in a previously unexplored cave. In April 2004, a local villager by the name of Mr. Boun Nong entered the small cave opening 15m from ground level. He had noticed bats entering the cave.....

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Tham Xang Cave (also called Tham Pha Ban Tham Cave, Tham Nyai, or Tham Phose) Tham Xang Cave (also called Tham Pha Ban Tham Cave, Tham Nyai, or Tham Phose)
This cave used to be feared by local people due to a limestone formation inside the cave that was shaped like an evil monster's head. It was even taboo to drink from the waters that flowed from the cave. In 1956 when poor health engulfed the village, the villagers decided to destroy the "evil head" forever, and henceforth exploded it.....

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Tham Xienglieb Cave Tham Xienglieb Cave
Xieng means "former novice" and Lieb means "sneaking around". Thus, this cave is named after a former novice who was sneaking around, in love with the daughter of a mountain hermit, looking for an opportunity to catch a glimpse or her in the cave. The entrance to this spectacular cave lies beneath a 300m cliff but has now been.....

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Tham Nang Aen Cave Tham Nang Aen Cave
The legend of this cave is linked to Tham Xienglieb Cave. The story goes, that Xieng, the young former novice who went looking for the beautiful daughter of the hermit at Tham Xienglieb Cave, met with her at the entrance of this cave. Here the two lovers sat (meaning nang in Lao) and flirted (aen kan). Hence the name Tham Nang Aen.....

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Tham Pha Nya In Cave Tham Pha Nya In Cave
This cave is named after Pha Nya In, an archangel featured in many Lao stories as the link between the humans and the gods. This little-known cave is well worth visiting. After climbing up a cement stairway to your left is a small passageway leading to two Buddhist shrines with several Buddha images (take a flashlight). You can also climb.....

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Tham Pha Chan Tham Phachan Cave (Cave of the Sandalwood Buddha)
Tham Phachan cave is one of the most impressive caves in the area. It is open at two ends, cutting about 600m through a limestone mountain and has a 60 x 100m entrance in the shape of a giant dome. A stream flows through this tunnel, and in some spots, logs and forest debris have washed downstream into the cave. A major.....

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Tham Phi Seua Cave (Tiger Spirit Cave, Butterfly Cave) Tham Phi Seua Cave (Tiger Spirit Cave, Butterfly Cave)
The cave is approached through a lovely forest with a slope leading up to the mouth of the cave about 15m above the valley floor. The entrance is an impressive arch of about 40m wide and 25m high. At the entrance is a rocky, sloping trail with some pools on the right side. The cave's main trail leads down to a junction-take the path.....

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Tham Heup Cave Tham Heup Cave
Tham Heup is a large and impressive cave that you can walk right through. The cave is 1.1km long, and has some beautiful rock formations, a pond, and a beach. The entrance is 20m wide and 15m high, with a interior that varies from 10m to 30m high.....

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Xebangfai Cave Xebangfai Cave
Located in the northeast of Khammouane, the Xebangfai Cave is one of the most impressive known cave systems. The cave stretches for approximately 12 kilometres and is home to some beautiful scenery and also interesting features such as fireflies and 10-inch spiders.
  Tham Phabang Cave
This narrow cave has a wooden image of a thin standing Buddha called the Phabang. Although less then 1m tall it is quite elegant and said to be over 300 years old. Although it has been knocked over and partially broken by resident monkeys, this image has been maintained throughout the centuries by villagers that have prevented.....

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