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The Pha Xang Circuit 
The Pha Xang Circuit provides a number of natural attractions in a single circuit trail.  A mixture of long-tailed boating along one of the most uninhabited parts of the Mekong; exploring cave-pocked karsts in the “Thousand Caves area”; homestay with Khmu family; and a Hmong community herbal spa and medicinal plant preserve  provide a rich combination of cultural experience and nature-based adventure.  This trail can be experienced through programs hosted and managed by local villagers, as part of their own Community-based tourism initiative.
Elephant Taming Ceremony
At three year of age, a young elephant, whether born in the wild or captivity, must be trained for three or four years, and schooling starts with a ceremony involving the entire village. Family and friends build a wooden cage during a feast provided by the future mahout before training begins, during which a master – using a generations old method combining fore, discipline and tenderness – guides the new mahout. Read More
Xienglom Stupa
Ethnic groups migrated via southern china to xienghone municipal center hundreds of year ago, and established villages united by the Lan Xang Kingdom in to Xieng Lom (city of wind). According to local lore, the residents’ ancestors were hunting and stumbled in to 27-meter-tall stupa on a 40 m2 square base. A stone inscription, house in side wat Xienlom temple, states the Burmese-style stupa was built 1304, and very year on the full moon of the Buddhist calendar’s 5 month, ethnic Yuan and Tai Lue from 10 surrounding villages pay homage at the side, and cerebrate for seven days.
Tad Ham Waterfall
Dropping 15 meters over massive rocks into a large, clear pool, Tad Ham Waterfall marks a point in the Nam Ham River where a legendary search ended. According to a generations-old story, Boten had a fishpond housing a giant, poisonous serpent. A bamboo fence kept the creature inside, but one-day the 12-nostril snake transformed into a huge crab and snatched the king’s daughter, prompting the king to rename the river, Thanang (Young Woman)... Read More

Elephant Conservation Center
Welcome to the Elephant Conservation Center of Laos! Here, you will experience one-on-one the power of the majestic elephant. At the Center, a dedicated team of guides, mahouts and elephant vets will take you into the worl of Lao elephants. Amidst the most beautiful scenery Sayaboury can offer, the Center is the perfect hideaway from mass tourism routes and a place where your visit can make a difference. Elephants are on the brink of extinction in Laos and a visit to the Center is a first step towards their survival. Not only will you enjoy a relaxing stay in the Nam Tien protected area. You will also learn all you want to know about Asia's most iconic creature! Those looking for a soft yet authentic experience can embark on short elephant treks, observe training, canoes on the reservoir, and mountain bike around the grounds. Guests can also enjoy the view from an observation tower, visit the museum and watch films about this magnificent creature
Hongsa Elephant Trekking
The elephant trekking to the Tai Lue village, Ban Viengkeo Village and Visitors can watch women weave textiles with complex patent. The journey across a stream and through the protected forest area and continues to the another village, temple, ethnic villages and after dinner, take part in a Khmu-style baci ceremony before sampling lao hai (rice wine) and spending the night in the host’s home or home stay. Read more...

Khop – In to the Wide
Phu Pha Deang (Steep Red Mountain) KHOP district’s highest peak and the 2.200 ha Phu Pha Deang Mountain Conservation Area’s centre piece, rise 1.488 metres above the 10-km-long ridge in the heart of the district. Along with two fascinating caves, the conservation area is home to deer, tigers, bears, monkeys and variety of birds.