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Nithaya Somsanith
Travel, cultural impressions and diversity experienced on different trips inspire me to design unique and distinctive clothing”.

Nithaya Somsanith a well-known designer was born in Laos, but grew up in France. Speaking to Champa Holidays, he said that while participating in a Thai textile fashion show organized in honour of the Thai queen he decided to take the opportunity to visit the land of his birth.

During a visit last September, he displayed a collection of his Lao silk designs at the Lao Plaza Hotel. This was enthusiastically received by the silk and fashion industries. In early November 2013 he also designed silk dresses for the Lao Silk Fashion Show held during the National Handicraft Festival at Lao ITECC.

We proud to present a collection of Nithaya’s beautiful and creative designs. Based on his experiences, mainly in France, he says that designs should be modern, simple to wear and meet international design standards. Then, not only Lao but also foreign customers will be attracted to a designer’s work. However, he emphasized, that Lao authenticity must be maintained in patterns and in style. Cotton and silk products, designed by Lao professionals, are already known for their distinctive and of high standards, he added.

On 28 December 2013, the French Embassy in Laos will host at the National Cultural Hall, a collection of Nithaya’s designs as part of the French Week.
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