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Xieng Khouang is home to the Plain of Jars, the prehistoric stone megaliths which attracts thousands of tourists to the province each year. (The Lao government is currently finalising an application for the World Heritage Committee to consider listing the Plain of Jars as a World Heritage Monument). The area is of significant archaeological importance on account also of the standing stones in nearby Houaphanh Province.

the total number of hotels, guest houses, resorts, restaurants and entertainment establishments in the province grew from 98 in 2009 to 140 in 2010.

Phonsavanh, the new provincial capital, is located in Paek district and caters to increasing numbers of national and international tourists, eager to experience Xieng Khouang’s natural, historical and archaeological attractions. The new airport in Phonsavanh is served by regular flights from Vientiane by Lao Airlines.