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In the Pakse area, there are about 62 tourist sites: 32 natural, 7 historical, and 27 cultural. There are many French colonial style buildings remain in the city. The Sedon Bridge often called "old bridge" by the people of Champasack. From the bridge, you can walk around to see the old French style quarter. The Lao – Japan Mekong River Bridge was constructed in 2002 and is a route to Thailand.

Wat Poratana Sadsadaram (Wat Luang Temple) is located in the center of Pakse district. It is a temple that consists of traditional style and new style constructions. There are library, which was built in the last decades and the shrine with amazing wall painting and excellent sculptors .There are also interesting temple located close to the city including Wat phabat one called "Wat Tamfai  temple" and Wat Chomphet. There are big festivals in Pakse district every year the boat racing festival consists of Miss Nava Competition and many boats from all over the province. There is a parade of big Mark Beng (folded banana leaves) which is held during Ork Pan Sa day(Buddhist day) in mid-October. You may also want to see the Stone Buddha sculpture work of the people in Chomphet village. Stone Buddha here is well know by Lao Buddhists. For people who like going to shopping, there is a new Pakse Market, Shopping  center and other markets around Pakse where you can buy local handicraft with reasonable  price.

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