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Northern Mountains
Travel Through a Sea of Clouds and Ethnic Diversity

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People & Places
Laos’ upper northern regions is known for its rugged mountains and diverse ethnic cultures. The region is home to more than thirty ethnic groups, representing a colorful mix of Tibeto-Burman, Mon-Khmer, Yao-Mien and Tai-Lao origins. Handmade products made by ethnic minorities include mulberry bark and bamboo paper, Khmu basketry, and Hmong embroidery. The region’s colorful festivals include the Hmong New Year festival held in December/January.

Geography & Nature
Northern Laos is located in the heart of Southeast Asia surrounded by China, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Dominated by mountains that rise to over 2,000 metres, the region is the country’s most popular trekking area and offers a range of trails through green jungle to remote ethnic minority villages. The region’s broad expanse of forest habitats supports a range of globally and regionally endangered wildlife species, including gibbons in the Nam ha National Protected Area (NPA) and Bokeo Nature Reserve and tigers in Phou Den Din NPA. The river network offers scenic journeys to remote locations by a longboat and challenging rapids for rafting and kayaking enthusiasts. Major rivers are the Mekong, Nam Ou, Nam Seuang, Nam Tha and Nam Fa.